Defend Spa Francorchamps

defend_francorchampsThe future racing at the legendary circuit Spa Francorchamps – traditional home of the Belgian Grand Prix – is in jeopardy after it emerged that the Ardennes circuit has had its licence suspended by the local Council of State until 2026.

This bombshell was dropped following an investigation into noise levels in the wake of a renewed licence issued back in April 2007.

One of the conditions of the new licence was that an environmental impact study should be carried out following complaints from local residents. The Council of State has now declared the work carried out by the circuit organizers to be seriously inadequate and incomplete, and consequently suspended the circuit’s licence until 2026.

However a new group of people, who live nearby the circuit Spa Francorchamps, has now emerged and they want to stress that they are not, by any means, disturbed by the restructuring work, which is now going on at the circuit. They want to make sure that the circuit Spa Francorchamps can continue to add to the economical future of their region and country.

One of their spokesmen said: ‘since the last publication of the Belgian State Council, too many people think that the people living in or nearby Francorchamps are being disturbed by the restructuring and noise levels and as a result are against the circuit, but this simply is not true.

We are not deaf for criticisms, but they must be founded and justified. And it must be said, that at this point we are only facing a minority.

‘The most beautiful circuit of the World’ is a real economic tool. This industry employs a significant number of people and provides a lot of publicity for both the region and our country. We are in favor of the continuation of the circuit and we will fight to preserve it.’

So far 20,000+ enthusiast’s signed the petition ‘Defend Francorchamps’ and this number is growing by the day. If you care about – historic – motor racing, make sure you are on their list.

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