Bremen Classic Motorshow


Classic and modern Porsche, Mercedes, Bugatti and Ferrari models, and many more, will be on sale at the Bremen Classic Motorshow.

The Bremen Classic Motorshow kicks off the oldtimer car season in Germany with a German car theme which focuses on exclusivity.

On exhibition are classic cars that go beyond standard series production. Traditional German brands that were built in small numbers and with such refinement like for example vehicles from coachbuilders Erdmann & Rossi or Rometsch from Berlin, Gläser from Dresden, Autenrieth from Darmstadt, Hebmüller from Wuppertal or Karmann from Osnabrück.

“This is an important aspect of the German automobile history, which will be presented using vehicles that used to be dream cars for many people,” says Frank Ruge, Project Manager of the Bremen Classic Motorshow.

The Ambi-Budd body, used on the 2.5 litre Adler Autobahn for example, was trendsetting in the late 30’s, a period where mainly boxy cars where found driving on the European motorways. The Ambi-Budd company, presented a model that was technically far ahead of its time, based on the best period aero dynamical knowledge and designed for fast travelling on the German motorways.

This will be the first German exhibition paying tribute to the design and entrepreneurial skills of German coachbuilders throughout the 20th century.

Another highlight of the Bremen Classic Motorshow will be the Bremen Historic Motorsport section. A unique concept in Germany where all divisions of rally and racing for two and four-wheelers can be found under one roof.

But also the sales of highly rated Ferraris, Porsche, Bugatti, Mercedes, etc. and desired replacement parts will  pull many visitors to the Bremen Classic Motorshow.

Special “Spirit of the Show” awards will be awarded to cars, motorcycles, lorries, tractors and the most original club presentations. The Bremen Classic Motorshow doors will open 4-6 February 2011.

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