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Sir Stirling Moss stands proud alongside the Rob Walker Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta SWB Chassis no. 2735, which he raced in the early sixties, promoting the combining Caracalla Bath holdall #7.

The name Caracalla Bath is a derivative of the Italian town Caracalla, where racing on this street circuit, around the historic Roman baths of Caracalla (I), Ferrari won their first ever race on 25 May 1947.

Simon Jordan, founder, designer and Sales Director of Caracalla Bath is a man who fully understands the motoring world and who knows firsthand, the lengths that motoring enthusiasts will go into, in order to obtain a piece of memorabilia, relating to their favourite driver, car marque or racing circuit.

Simon Jordan, who was formerly employed by Robert Mortimer of MHT, an authorized Ferrari dealer, made his dreams of selling this prestigious car marque a reality. As a natural consequence, he entered the world of Ferrari and when joining the team at MHT, he began selling Ferrari after Ferrari, old and new alike. He was starting to live a dream.

With his natural born entrepreneurial skills he was becoming more and more determined to fulfil his desire to establish an independent initiative, combining his love of all things Italian: fine foods, world class wines, Tuscan leather, breath-taking scenery, racing circuits and of course Ferraris. This led him to develop an unique and exquisite collection of Commemorative Motorsport Holdalls. The beautiful Tuscan hand-made luxury leather holdalls are manufactured using only the finest genuine vegetable tanned Italian leather. Cow hides are selected from one of the oldest tanneries in Italy. The  leather quality is a perfect match to that found in any luxury motor car and every item is made using traditional Tuscan craftsmanship, which has been passed down over generations.

One example is the Caracalla Bath holdall #7 commemorating the most beautiful Rob Walker Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta SWB Chassis no. 2735, raced in the early sixties by Sir Stirling Moss, Graham Hill and Innes Ireland.

The perfect Christmas Gift, which comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.

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