End of Season Spa Trackday

End of Season Spa Trackday

With the End of Season Spa Trackday, 13 and/or 14 November 2016, the Legendary Circuits Series are now offering the last opportunity of the year available at Spa to test/drive your car.

Such a pity to loose any opportunity to drive/race on such legendary and challenging track. Its history going back all the way to 1920, the circuit was first used for Grand Prix racing in 1925. Imagine driving uphill down the Kemmel straight, into les Combes, followed by the right hander, steep downhill and immediately followed by the off camber Bruxelles corner. The feeling will make you aware, that you’re alive! Braking for Pouhon, steering in, balancing the car, never change your steering position again and now gradually applying more throttle, exiting Pouhon at high speed and onto les Fagnes. Stavelot, probably in third gear, shifting up immediately after and already lining up for that intimidating flat out Blanchimont corner. Now the adrenaline really starts to flow …

End of Season Spa Trackday

This will be your last chance to enjoy such legendary and challenging circuit in 2016. Sunday or Monday or perhaps the combination of the 2 days will give you the advantage to take a head start on the 2017 motor racing season or perhaps it’ll be your first taste of driving on a proper circuit?

Despite the fact that you will not require a race licence, participants are allowed to overtake both left & right and outbraking is allowed. This is an ‘Open Pitlane’ event, so you can access and leave the circuit as you please. This opportunity includes the use of your own covered pit box area.

Drivers on our trackdays always proved to be a very disciplined and a safe group to be with ! You can be rest assured, that the End of Season Spa Trackday will be no different.

Visit the link below and also find some interesting trackday tips, free for you to use.

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