F.I.S.C. ‘Legendary Circuits’ 2012

fisc legendary circuits

The F.I.S.C. ‘Legendary Circuits’ will be Historic GT Racing at its Best! A quality grid offering competitive but fair racing and the correct period ambiance.

The F.I.S.C. racing series used to be a successful  – one class – historic championship in the early 2000’s, but there still remained an ambiance of friendship and respect between the teams. And when arriving in the paddock, you definitely did not get lost in the crowd.

My ambition is to re-introduce this ambiance where we all know each other and share the same ‘old fashioned’ racing ethics and standards; says Pieter BAKKER (NL) founder and organizer of the F.I.S.C. series since 1994. This ambiance will again be a guarantee for highly competitive, but extremely fair classic motor racing.

What has changed? Contrary to the early days, the F.I.S.C. ‘legendary Circuits’ series will now be accessible for a lot more cars and predominantly for classic production Road Sports Cars under 2L, up to and including 1971. But later period and/or bigger cars that are complimentary to the ambiance and speed of the grid will also be welcome. As a reference for the bigger cars, you will find the lap record of the quickest 2L car at each of the circuit pages on our website.

The F.I.S.C. ‘Legendary Circuits’ series will be ‘Historic GT Racing at its Best!’ and the only GT series on the Continent.  A quality grid offering competitive but fair racing and the correct period ambiance. You will not find any Youngtimers on the grid, neither will you find any Touring Cars or big muscle cars blowing your socks off.

The different  classes are being spaced by small amounts of 200cc per class only. Steel or aluminum wheels with Dunlop historic tyres are the standard. Cars on competition tyres will move up one class, while cars on wire wheels will move one class down. By doing so, you’ll never experience unfair competition, when arriving on Dunlops or wire wheels. Neither will you race in an uncompetitive environment, when you’re arriving on competition tyres. Either way, you will be racing at a competitive level.

The F.I.S.C. ‘Legendary Circuits’ series pay off will be ‘Historic GT Racing at its Best!’. One of the advantages when racing in this challenge will be that you will be racing in different Western European countries and only on the most legendary and challenging GP circuits, which still remain. The challenging characteristics of the ´old´ circuits never fail to cater for the most appreciated and competitive racing around. The choice of circuits is the cream of the crop, with grand names of the past, such as;  Nürburgring, Dijon Prenois, Le Mans, Zandvoort, Monza, Nordschleife, Pau, Paul Ricard, Salzburgring, Clermont Ferrand,  Spa Francorchamps and others.

You will realize that there must be a balance between travelling time and track time. The further you travel, the more track time you would want in order to level out. Already since 2002 we are offering as much as one qualifying session, the excitement of three starts and the possibility to book yourself extra private testing time, during the course of one weekend.

The F.I.S.C. ‘Legendary Circuits’ stands for sprint racing, in which you have to give it your best in a restricted period of time. The big advantage of our format is that you will experience the excitement of several starts during the weekend. Another advantage could be that if your car breaks down, you will still have enough racing time left to enjoy a competitive weekend.

The F.I.S.C. ‘Legendary Circuits’ also offers a higher than average quality where it concerns the catering of drivers and teams. Our Paddock Club invites you to a totally different ambiance, an ambiance where you can enjoy quality food and drinks with family and friends all day, but still at club prices. Breakfast, lunch and dinners always consist of different courses which will encourage you to prolong your stay in the restaurant. Something we all enjoy, because the weekend is not only about racing, but socializing with friends, family and other teams as well.

The F.I.S.C. ‘Legendary Circuits’ is not an official FIA European championship and we don’t care about FIA ‘Vehicle Identification Forms’, ‘Historical Technical Passports’ or ‘Heritage Certificates’.  We are using a set of regulations that fits one A4 page, simple and crystal clear. Safety regulations however are very strict and conform to FIA appendix K regulations.

You can rest assured that the F.I.S.C. ‘Legendary Circuits’ is a classic motor racing competition based on respect and the understanding that motor racing is supposed to be a non contact sport.

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