F.I.S.C. Series introduces ‘Race&Care’ comfort package

race & care comfort package

F.I.S.C. recently introduced their 'Race & Care' comfort package.

The F.I.S.C. Legendary Circuits Series recently introduced, what they call their ‘Race&Care’ comfort package, what means as much that you can concentrate on your racing in a relaxed fashion, while they concentrate on caring for you.

Pieter Bakker, the F.I.S.C. organizer said: ‘Basically it is no different from what we have always done, but forgot to say, although it is really important for your weekend experience. It simply is very reassuring to know, that when you leave home, you can be rest assured that you will find someone on that circuit in France, Germany or else, who speaks the foreign language and will take care for you, nurse you through the weekend without experiencing any stress yourself.

You can now fully concentrate on enjoying the weekend, while F.I.S.C. concentrates on servicing you in many different ways.’

What is it exactly, that competitors may expect from this F.I.S.C. ‘Race & Care’ comfort packege, we asked. Well, F.I.S.C. recently introduced a set of really ‘simple regulations’, which are very helpful when tuning your car. As a result, you do not have to struggle through pages and pages of technical regulations and you will no longer run the risk of being turned down during scrutineering.

When you arrive on the circuit there is no need to find out where you need to sign on and join the queue. ‘Signing on’ is always done in the F.I.S.C. hospitality area, in our own paddock, by our own administration giving you the chance to enjoy a cup of coffee, while our administrators take care for you.

At any given circuit, the next thing you do is to proceed to the scrutineering bay for the ‘technical scrutineering’ of your car, again joining the queue and the stress. At a new circuit, it all starts with finding the scrutineering bay in the first place. Not so when you join F.I.S.C., no need to push your car around, just leave your car where you parked it upon arrival and the F.I.S.C. scrutineers will come to you.

Where do I find the drivers briefing room? Well actually the clerk of the course will be visiting the F.I.S.C. hospitality area, so no need to find the briefing room yourself. Running late for qualifying? Out of the question, as the F.I.S.C. paddock coordinator will already have blown his horn and attracted attention to the fact that you will be expected for qualifying or the race in the assembly area in 30 minutes time. And where do I find ‘the result sheets’ after qualifying or the race? Do I need to walk over to the timekeepers information boxes? No need to bother, because the F.I.S.C. paddock coordinator will already have left them on the table in the F.I.S.C. hospitality area.

My wife forgot to take the eggs for breakfast! Again out of the question, because you and you wife or team will be enjoying ‘breakfast, lunch and dinner’ in the F.I.S.C. hospitality area and you will be serviced at low cost. Beverages, mineral water, coffee, tea, Heineken beer and some good French wines are there for the taking from 08:00 till 24:00 hours.’

The F.I.S.C. Legendary Circuits Series is a non-profit operating club, managed by professional non-paid volunteers, who focus on A1 quality servicing at a more than affordable price level.

Registrations for their Zandvoort event, 14-16 May are now being accepted. Competitors registering and paying before 30 April do qualify for a free ‘Legendary Circuits’ bodywarmer.

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