F.I.S.C. – reflections and looking forward to 2011


The F.I.S.C. ‘Legendary Circuits’ event at Dijon Prenois always proves to be a spectacular highlight of the F.I.S.C. motor racing season.

Reflecting on the  F.I.S.C. ‘Legendary Circuits’ motor racing season 2010, one can only say that, despite the economic crisis, F.I.S.C.  enjoyed a prosperous year.

The Spa open pitlane track day introduced a new phenomenon to the series and proved to be a good idea . The relaxed way to start the season, check the car and organize some tests, were widely appreciated. Because there is no racing licence requirement, the F.I.S.C. track day  proved to be a clever  way to introduce new motor racing enthusiasts to the series. People were now in a position to get a ‘feel’ of  the F.I.S.C. ‘Legendary  Circuits’ series without committing to all the hassle of acquiring a racing licence, racing gear and fully prepped racing car.  Following the success of the F.I.S.C. track day and the fact that at this point the F.I.S.C. administration is already receiving entries, a strong entry for the Spa track day 2011 can be expected.

Another novelty was the ADAC Eifelrennen 300km race at the Nürburgring – Nordschleife. This race, with one obligatory pit stop, attracted some 175 entrants and was definitely worthwhile visiting.  However ADAC recently decided to stop all historic motor racing efforts with immediate effect, which means that the Eifelrennen seizes to exist and is no further option.

The highlight of the season was the Dijon Prenois Trophées Historiques de Bourgogne event. Offering five sessions over the weekend at a very modest price proved that F.I.S.C. ‘Legendary Circuits’ is still offering ‘by far’ the best value in historic motor racing today. There is a price-comparison available in the news section of the F.I.S.C. website. Offering high quality at club prices has not gone unnoticed and already some 60 enquiries have been received concerning the 2011 motor racing season.

Currently, an interesting list is developing containing the following cars; Davrian Imp, Turner Sports, Alfa Romeo Giulietta, MG Midget, AH Frogeye, Sebring Sprite, Caterham 7, Lotus Seven, Morris and Mini Cooper S, Triumph Spitfire and GT6, Ginetta G4, Morgan 4/4 Sport Competition, Lotus Elan, Alpina A110, TVR Grantura, Triumph TR4, Morgan +4, MGB, MGB GT, Morgan lightweight roadster, MGBGTv8, Triumph TR6 and AH 3000.

The trend has been clearly set  and F.I.S.C. will continue to further develop the grid along those lines, inviting two-seater road sports cars under 2 litres (U2RS), up to and including 1971 (FIA periods E, F and G). Although it must be clearly understood that basically anything that matches the speed and the ambiance of the grid is welcome, which includes bigger and/or later period cars. FIA ‘Vehicle Identification Forms’, ‘Historical Technical Passports’ and/or ‘Heritage Certificates’ are not mandatory. The focus is much more on a both competitive ánd enjoyable weekend.

Of course UK and Dutch drivers are still strongly represented, but enquiries have also been received from German, Swiss, Austrian, Belgium, French, Spanish and Danish drivers. Following these developments the F.I.S.C. IT dept. has taken the opportunity to further develop their website by adding information pages in the French and German languages.

It might well be, that F.I.S.C. ‘Legendary Circuits’ is looking forward to their strongest motor racing season to date.

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