Historic GP Zandvoort 2015

Historic GP Zandvoort 2015

The Formula Vee, Formula Ford and Formula 3 championships were very popular single-seater racing series in the 60s and 70s. The Historic GP Zandvoort weekend revives the competitive spirit of this unforgettable era on 28, 29 & 30 August 2015.

Generations of F1 drivers started their careers in the Formula Vee, Formula Ford or Formula 3. The Historic Monoposto Racing looks back at these unforgettable racing series. This championship includes cars from the 60s to the early 80s.

The Historic Monoposto Racing expects a full grid of 38 vehicles. Most of the competitors will race in the Formula Ford 1600 and Formula Ford 2000 divisions. Other categories include the Formula Vee (1300 cc) and Formula 3.

Successful Dutchmen
The international field of competitors include drivers from eight countries. The Dutch are competing well in the series. Roel Mulder is reigning champion in the Formula Ford 1600 while Kees van der Wouden Jr holds the title in the Formula Ford 2000. Frans Parfant became the best Formula Vee driver last year. The three competitors, including Formula 3 champion Frank Grooz from Germany, will be entertaining the crowd during Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort too.

Best memories
Circuit Park Zandvoort has hosted countless thrilling races of the Formula Vee, Formula Ford and Formula 3 during the past decades. This last category still enjoys great popularity thanks to drivers like Max Verstappen. Everyone who’ve witnessed these categories in the 60s and 70s will remember full starting grids and fierce competition. Famous makes in Formula Ford were Crosslé, Lola, Van Diemen, Royale, Reynard and Delta. All these constructors are present during the Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort.

Ralt, a Formula 3 make that became European Champion with Jan Lammers in 1978, will also be seen at the track.

Affordable entry tickets
A day ticket for the Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort is available for just 20 euro. A three-day ticket, including access to the paddock from where you can see the cars from up close, costs in advance booking 40 euro. Children under guidance of an adult can access for free (0-4 years) or half price (5-12 years). Access to the exclusive Paddock Club is available for those who want to experience Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort as a VIP.

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