MSCCD and FISC now official partners

Morgan Sports Car Club Germany (MSCCD), and FISC Legendary Circuits have met Wednesday 4 June 2014, in order to discuss and look for future opportunities, where both parties will enjoy the benefits of a working relationship with a strong partner and the advantages that come with bringing in their existing expertise. Both parties are already operating on a high quality and social awareness level, but see opportunities to build on this and further expand their basic qualities. The outcome being, that both parties have now pushed their relationship to the next level and have entered into an official partnership.

Dr Stefan SCIESZKA, President of the MSCCD, said: “Already since 2010 we are looking for a partner who can help us further develop our sports programm and introduce the possibility of some serious racing to our members, not at the usual track day circuits, but at the Legendary F1 Circuits, which still remain and which fit the class of the Morgan brand and its supporters. Furthermore it is of paramount importance to us, that we can team up with a partner with a high level of social awareness in order to further encourage motoring friendships, between our existing members and future friends.”

Mr Oliver HAAKE, the racing coordinator of the MSCCD, added: “For me not only the social function is important, but we must be absolutely sure, that, when we introduce our members to a new playground, safety will be taken very serious. I am not only referring to mechanical safety, but also the racing drivers themselves. They must bring the right attitude to the circuit, which is equally important. We are long past the moment that we qualify for taking part in a F1 Championship race, so we have been looking for an gentleman’s environment without giving in on competition, and where racers are prepared to take responsibility towards each other and the material they are racing with.”

Mr Pieter BAKKER, founder and organizer of FISC Legendary Circuits, confirmed: “I’ve always been very quality conscious in everything I’m organizing. This is one of the reasons that I could always rely on the loyalty of many drivers and not only from Holland, where I live, but from across Europe. FISC Legendary Circuits is the only classic production road sports car series, that offers the luxury of an on-site Paddock Club, where people can meet, chill and use the weekend’s breakfast-lunch-dinner package, in the FISC Paddock Club’s Brasserie. Offering such social meeting place greatly contributes to a successful week end and gentleman behavior on track. I am sure that with the arrival of this quality alliance, more drivers bringing a variety of beautiful racing cars will follow and join in for 2015.”

Both parties are now in the process of constructing the 2015 sports calendar, which they hope to bring out in the autumn of 2014 already.

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