Nürburgring historic paddock


This weekend saw the re-opening of the Nürburgring historic paddock, after renovations put the old quarters back in its former glory.

The Nürburgring historic paddock is the oldest circuit paddock still in existence. And to put the old shine on again, the management of the Nürburgring decided to go for a full restoration of the old quarters.

Officially opened in 1927, this long time honoured circuit has meanwhile been transformed into an year round adventure destination, but has lost none of its fascination.

With a turbulent history and large amounts of ingredients that legends are being made of,  the Nürburgring is a core element in German motor sports history and is considered to be one of Germany’s best-known national monuments.

It is more than 800 years since Count Ulrich laid the foundation stone for his “Noureborg” castle in the Eifel. Later spelled “Nürburg”, it did not only pass on its name to the small nearby village, but also to the race track, which was being constructed – as a ring – around the original Nürburg castle in the 1920’s, obviously resulting in the name Nürburgring.

This weekend, 1 May 2011 and after a period of six months of renovating, the Nürburgring  saw the re-opening of their historic paddock in its former glory. Both the in- and outside of the paddock boxes have been rigorously reconditioned, with an enormous amount of detail knowledge  and exactly how it was when the Nürburgring  was officially opened in 1927.

Period enamel boards with box numbers were screwed on again, as well as original advertising signs, the old balance positioned more visibly and many more details. Historic racing cars from the period 1927-1983, the years that the paddock  was actively used, were invited to park directly in the old historic paddock, in order to celebrate the re-opening. German racing legend Hans Hermann was there to cut the red ribbon.

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