Circuit des Remparts

Racing through the streets of Angoulême

Now here’s YOUR chance to go racing through the streets of Angoulême, France’s ‘little Monaco’. The event offers a chance to return to the motor racing heydays of yesteryear and will be visited by thousands of motor racing enthusiasts, many of whom who will be British visitors. The event will take place on 18, 19 & 20 September in the little county town of Angoulême, North East and some 60 km from Bordeaux [F].

The Legendary Circuits Series’ races in Angoulême 2014 were simply the best of the weekend, so the series gladly returns to what they consider to be the best weekend on their race calendar and already for the 3rd time in succession. The series has been allocated an A1 location for their Paddock Club, next to les Halles in the very centre of this little French county town, and at walking distance from the regular Angoulême race paddock. Track, paddock, Paddock Club and town centre are all covered by a blanket.

The historic hillside town of Angoulême perches majestically over the Charente River. The old town has been faithfully restored and is now the hub for bars and restaurants along the narrow pedestrian streets. The Cathedral dates from the 12th century and, when there’s no racing, you can walk all around the remparts [defence walls] and look down over Angoulême and its surrounding countryside.

Every year, in September, the town fills with racing enthusiasts for the Circuit des Remparts d’Angoulême event, the annual gathering of vintage and classic cars. Modern safety equipment has replaced the hay bales and wooden fences, but otherwise the circuit remains unchanged since the first Circuit des Remparts race in 1939 and subsequent Grand Prix races from 1947 to 1951. The racing is serious business, but for the spectators it is a packed, but relaxed, Circuit des Remparts weekend.

The weekend starts on the Friday morning with an Exposition in the Gardens of the Hotel de Ville and in the evening the Concours d’Elegance – the cars gather in the centre of Angoulême for the judging and for the admiration of all. On the Saturday, if you have a pre-1975 car, you can join in the Rallye International de Charente, which takes you out of Angoulême on a pre-planned route. Occasional stops en route are made, an excellent lunch is organised for all those taking part and you arrive back in the late afternoon having enjoyed a pleasurable, scenic drive through the surrounding countryside and vineyards. Nice detail is, that all cars will pass the Legendary Circuits Series’ Paddock Club on their way to the finish in the town centre.

Finally, on the Sunday, race day arrives. Qualifying starts early on the Sunday morning, followed by a 25 min. race around lunch time and a second race by the end of the afternoon. The “quickest four” from each grid will be invited to the Organizer´s Grand Finale!

You can participate in the ‘Legendary Circuits’ Series events with a ‘Production Road Sports Car’, under 2L and to 1971. But basically any ‘production road sports car’ that matches the speed and the ambiance of the grid is welcome. This includes bigger ánd later period cars.

Your do not need a FIA ‘Vehicle Identification Form’, ‘Historical Technical Passport’ or ‘Heritage Certificate’ for your car. Safety scrutineering however, is very strict. The Legendary Circuits Series’ attitude is that you’re there to enjoy a relaxed, safe and wonderful weekend, with likeminded drivers and their teams.

Are you in doubt whether your car would be eligible? Why not use this contact form and just ask. Enquiries are always welcome!

The grid has recently been authorized to expand, and as a result there are again some grid slots available. Prices are all-inclusive, so in this case you do not pay any membership- or registration-fees and you can participate using your National race licence.

As usual, the Legendary Circuits Series is offering a long weekend arrangement in their Paddock Club Brasserie for drivers and their teams, including British- and Continental Breakfast, a two course lunch,  and a three course dinner with accompanying wines/drinks. All [non] alcoholic drinks during the day are also included in their arrangement.

Now here’s your chance to go racing through the streets of Angoulême, France’s ‘little Monaco’ and at a fair price. Click the link below and read on …

Racing through the streets of Angoulême [website]