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Triumph Competition – Horror Crash at Zandvoort

Triumph Competition, MG Competitions and F.I.S.C. Legendary Circuits participated in the State of Art Historic Zandvoort Trophy 2-4 May 2014. The three grids usually sharing one race and dividing costs, but for some mysterious reason the Triumph Competition and MG Competitions decided for a separate grid, leaving the F.I.S.C. Legendary Circuits with no other option than to start with an interval of one minute, much to the discontent of the series organizer.

Triumph Competition – Qualifying

In qualifying the Triumph Competition grid didn’t seem to cope with the raw speed of the F.I.S.C. grid. The first four cars in qualifying turned out to be F.I.S.C. cars, followed by the big Triumph TR250 of the German Triumph Competition driver Mario NEUMANN, who was some 5+ sec’s slower.

Triumph Competition – Race #1

Saturday 12:40H, cars were lined up on the pre-grid and the F.I.S.C. cars – despite lapping  quickest – had nowhere else to go, than take their position at the back of the grid. The Triumph Competition and MG Competitions followed the pace car, but as on previous occasions, the grid turned out to be very nervous and drivers were afraid to lose position, resulting in a false start. And as to be expected, some of the Triumph Competition and MG Competitions drivers were taken by surprise as a result of this false start. Cars were soon all over each other, resulting in car contact, which put a horror crash into motion. Nine cars were involved, resulting in six write-offs ! What seemed unfair, now did the F.I.S.C. grid a big favour, not being involved in such horror crash. The red flags came out and it took a while before the cars lined up again for a second try. This time however the grid got away fine and the race being won by Mario NEUMANN on Triumph TR250.

Triumph Competition – Races #2 and #3

Sunday 09:40H, and again an incident took place involving one of the Triumph Competition cars. This time it was a Triumph TR3 causing an incident and was soon after hoisted onto a recovery vehicle. This race was brilliantly won by the Englishman Paul CONWAY on Morgan +8, who led the way from start to finish.

Sunday 13:40H and finally the grid got away clean, the Triumph Competiton pace being some 4 sec’s slower than before and the lead much disputed. In the end it was the young German Yannick SZCZYGIEL , who pulled it off, with the Morgan in its shades.

Next meeting of the Triumph Competition and MG Competitions grids will be at the Nürburgring 30 May 2014.

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